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We are Valley Technologies

We are the single source for all your content creation needs. Having a professional staff made up Marketers, Web Masters and Graphic Designers. We have seen the need for content that is driven to the customer in an elegant matter. Working with us is easy because our team collaborates together on all projects, giving you the best possible results!

About us

   At Valley Technologies our sole purpose is to direct traffic to your brand. Attention goes where energy flows! Our services separate you from your competitors through personalizing your message and story with customized Web Design while leveraging Social Media. We understand every brand has its own voice and direction. We are here to help bring your vision to the digital world of 3.6 Billion Internet Users. We use analytic tools to show where you are and how you can grow your business and brand. The Valley Technologies team wants to go beyond for our client’s expectations.


Customer Service

Fully Responsive

Switch from Desktop to a mobile device without losing the quality of your experience.


In todays business world the companies that are getting ahead are using lots of analytics to make the right decisions.

Great Support

Our team is extremely knowledgable in their field of work making assisting your technical needs fast and easy.

UI/UX Design

Modern design layouts that will put your content forward with a great user experience.


Building your brand and delivering your mission statement to customers is our specialty.

Content Managment

Having your online content organized with user experience in mind can help keep your message clear.

Our Team

Abraham Cifuentes

Experience in web development for organizations and companies. With expert knowledge of the user experience.

Commited to providing practical value to customer at scale. While providing professional marketing tools.

Experienced in communicating a brands story and message. Has a mindful eye for projections and trends.

Jourdan Thomas

Master at handling all backend finacials, keeping us on track with our customers.

Who are we?

A team of hardworking individuals whose soul purpose is to work with you to make your online presense clear and beautifully designed.

Contact Us Meet the Team

Why Choose us

At Valley Technologies, we'll never say, No! With local businesses looking to expand their brand equity, we arrive as professionals to support to your cause!

Ranging from web development, graphic design, social media marketing, content creation, and technical support. We serve as an addition to your business and what you want to create. Allow us to shape your vision into a reality.


Our services

Our bundle of services was made to suit the growing market of businesses that need to build their brand. Working with our team directly we will make sure your companies mission statement and ideas remain intact, all we do is help you grow.

Web Developing

Offering database integration, e-commerce, front/backend development.

Content Creation

When you need a logo, flyer, or a promotional video.

SEO Optimization

SEO factors that will get you to the top search results.

Web Design

Designs created for each individual client. No templates!

UI / UX Design

Layouts that will generate user interest and retention.

Web Analytics

Learn who is visiting your site and how long they remain on your page.

Our process

The steps we take to make sure that YOUR message is delivered in a clear and concise way.

1. Plan

We sit with you and hear out what you need from us to establish our relationship.

2. Design

Join the design meeting to ensure your brand is kept on message.

3. Develop

We execute the development process with your voice in mind while also ensuring the best possible design.

4. Launch

Publish and make your brand known.

Our portfolio

We enjoy working with our clients and like to let others see our work while at the same time promoting their content. Letting their success speak for us.

Moreno Valley Morning Rotary

Neucode Tutorials

Rotaract of District 5330

Runners Drop

Johnny Bright

Sunset Rotaract

Plans and Services

Our plans can be structured to your needs. Do you just need a logo or promotional video made? We can get to work on that with no subscription needed.


$14.99/ month
  • Single Web Page
  • Form Handling
  • Maintenance


$69.99/ month
  • Custom Website
  • Form Handling
  • Email Newsletter
  • Maintenance
  • Graphic Design*


$699/ month
  • Custom Website
  • Form Handling
  • Email Newsletter
  • Maintenance
  • Graphic Design*
  • Social Media   Marketing
  • Technical Support


$1999/ month
  • Custom Website
  • Form Handling
  • Email Newsletter
  • Maintenance
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media   Marketing
  • Video Creation
  • Technical Support

Get in touch

Leave us a message or drop us a line we will get back to you in a timely manner.

Moreno Valley, CA

United States




(951) 337-1490